About Our Company

countreewide For the past thirty years CountreeWide Realty, Inc. has developed exclusive residential and commercial properties on Florida's Central West Coast from Manatee to Pasco County with a special emphasis on family communities in Manatee County. Through careful planning and a diligent regard for the environment, thousands of residential homesites have been created and sold in locations familiar to all Manatee County residents by the developer, Larry D'Urso.

Most of the communities feature large (1/2 acre and larger) sites with generous setbacks that allow for large backyards and spacious areas between homes. Special efforts are taken to emphasize the aesthetics of the land and the beauty of our native trees (hence the use of a large tree in our company logo).

A great tribute to our development efforts are the hundreds of repeat customers who purchase a second or even a third time in our communities. Let us now welcome each of you to our latest additions of Mill Creek and to our newest community - Twin Rivers. Please take the opportunity to visit our previous communities to see how nicely they have turned out and matured. In excess of 4,000 Manatee County families are currently enjoying the following communities:

Of the over 4,000 homesites designed, developed and sold within the above Communities, CounTreeWide Management continues to manage for the homeowners associations many of these same units.

    If you are looking for assistance in all or any aspect of residential real estate please contact us today. In addition, visit our development web sites for information on two of our represented communities.

    Our greatest asset in our years of business has been our customers who act as references and in many cases have repurchased in subsequent communities depending on their changing lifestyles.

Larry J. D'Urso, Jr.
President, C.A.M.

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